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How ERP Software solution helps you

Enterprise Resource Planning is an application that integrates all the individual department modules into a single software application. It makes easier to track working and reliability of each module. ERP software for hospital management system covers almost all the departments from its basic processes to complicated ones. It helps to reduce the overall functionality costs in the manually tracking system. In order to increase the workflow and the internal communication between each department; building and automating them is essential for healthcare management.

 A flawless hospital management information system software should cover all processes within a healthcare organization, starting from basic enquiry, appointment to sophisticated economic inventory processes. ERP software should covers modules like Outpatient/Inpatient Management, patients’ electronic medical records, Medical Documentation and Coding, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Doctor, nursing station, Packages, Registration, Front office /management, Medicine Inventory, Equipment management, Finance/Accounts, Human Resource Management, Manufacturing, Marketing/Sales, Supply Chain/Warehouse Management.

It is very important to put down all relevant data into the ERP system for the module to function accurately. If that’s not done correctly, then the business analysis module can’t be of any help. Patient management system helps in the coordination of patient procedures. It encompasses of registration, appointment, electronic medical records, diagnostic, therapeutic data, electronic patient identity card, and associated with laboratory, pharmacy treatment costs, and other billing concept. It serves to cut down the patient’s overall waiting time at the hospital, whether for an appointment, consultation or billing or pharmacy. Therefore, the well-interconnected working of modules is very essential. Proper planning and good coordination of each module and inputting all the relevant information into the database considering previous periods are also very obligatory one. Hospital management ERP Systems make it easier to track the workflow across various departments via interconnecting with each module. Since HMS software is a modular software system, it is possible to implement either a few modules or many modules based on the same system as per the requirements of an organization. But, with a great number of modules, the integration between various sections may be more utilitarian.

Consolidation of other peripheral systems like the bar-code reader, for exemplar, is possible to the ERP Healthcare system through an API (Application Programing Interface) which is still another great advantage. ERP software for hospitals makes it easier for appointment, billing, order tracking, inventory tracking, revenue tracking, sales forecasting and related activities. Applying ERP software for hospitals can improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and reorganize all the processes. It makes easy to control the different processes and departments of the organization.

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