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erp software for hospital management system
Case Study
Time constraint is the highest priority given by the clients in the ERP implementation. For clients who put emphasis on the speed of the implementation, Muziris Softech (P) Ltd., Information Technology solutions company in Cochin follow a fast track approach where less time is spent on writing the plans and efforts and will be fully focused on getting the system implemented and users trained to make Muziris Healthcare IS, the best HMS software for Hospitals. Muziris do not just install our Healthcare IS out of the box and then ask team of engineers to make it fit.

Our team spend time upfront to do GAP analysis to understand the existing workflow in your hospital environment and the needs and goals. Our quick implemetation approach will get the clients what they want and need to keep their business running the way that they want and need.
Patient registration, Medicine purchase, Discharge summary and bill preparation, Lab test results preparation etc were managed manually by hospital staffs.
No proper methods were followed to handle large amount of outpatients which resulted unnecessary crowd in the hospital.
Patient waiting time for consultation, Long queue for medicine purchase and return at the pharmacy counter, Unending delay for getting discharge bill were the major reasons for patients to cause disappointment about the hospital.
Management of Insurance companies for patient’s treatment were handled manually, was one of the challenges caused headache to hospital management.
Medicine stock movement at the store and purchase were poorly tracked that resulted in mismatch in the number of medicines in the store.
No proper process were followed in Medicine purchase, which resulted huge expense for the hospital.
Time taken by the staffs in the lab for preparing results since the resulted entry was a manual process.
Patient’s medical files were manually brought in to the consultation room keeps the patients waited for long time.
Patient’s medical history files gets misplaced due to poor tracking of folders.
Auditing and Financial year ending calculations were taking 2 months time to prepare balance sheet.
Personnel and Payroll management of employees were done manually.
Equipment under AMC and CMC period were not tracked.
Nurses were confused about the admitted patients and their allotted beds and rooms.
There were no methods to create MIS reports which gives no clue to the hospital about the income and expense.
MHCIS, the business management solutions integrates hospital departments and automated the entire processes that were once done manually.
Introduced 3 types of doctor consultation booking and thus made the process of patient registration easier on the day of consultation.
Facility to pre-define the token valid periods, doctor leaves and consultation holidays which minimizes the complexities in booking for consultation.
Billing process made easier and discharge summary prepared quickly which reduced the time spent by the patient in the hospital.
Separate service tariffs for private insurance companies and ECHS which made the calculation of patients credit for treatment more easy.
Different charge schemes and discounts based on the patient types were introduced.
Various packages for treatment were introduced which helped the patients to choose the package of treatments they would like to use.
A dedicated module called as Front Office for managing the debtor-patients tie-ups.
Location-wise inventory management made the purchase process easier.
Software gives an option to initiate the purchase orders to the manufactures directly from the purchase module.
All inventory ledger reports shows the inventory status and inventory value.
Interfacing of lab equipment to MHCIS avoids the mistakes occur during manual data entry.
All folder movements were tracked and solved the issue in missing of patient related files.
Grouping of accounts accurately helped the process of auditing much easier.
Dedicated module for Human resource made the process of salary calculations and leave management much easier.
Equipment management module is used by the hospitals to track the details of equipment, its AMC renewal date, servicing date etc.
Hospitals gets the following reports related to Finance, Stock, Payroll, Census, Birth and Death certificates.
A dedicated module called Department and Cost centre allocation for the hospitals to evaluate performance of each departments.
Separate user accounts were given to the hospital staffs who manage cash in the cash counter which shows the actual cash received in each cash counter
Processing of daily census reports for both OP\IP.
Nurses and staff’s will get up to date status of each bed and admitted patient details.
Order and transparency in billing, accuracy in the clinical reports & quick preparation of discharge summary were the main advantages that hospitals received.
Patient waiting time at the registration counter is brought down to approx. 45 seconds from approx. 2 minutes
Reduced patients queuing up in front of the OP counters.
Online Booking and Doctor Inquiry helped the hospital to manage the scheduling of appointments.
Online doctor inquiry provides advanced feature for patients to chose a consultation date according to their convenience.
Introduced different treatment packages for patients which helped patients to chose best treatment in affordable price.
Nurses and hospital staff started getting up-to-date information about Inpatients which helped them to serve better.
Effective folder movement reduced the delay in submitting patient medical records at OP rooms.
Doctors can prescribe medicine using our software at the time of diagnosis since our software provides to view patient treatment history with the help of EMR module.
Final Billing and Discharge Summary in a single click helped the hospitals to retain loyalty to patients.
Hospital was grown up with more advanced hardware equipment’s and clinical equipment’s.
Cost-center allocation and MIS reports enabled management in taking important decisions
Quotation analysis and software suggested best rated quotation from the vendors helped the purchase department to make an easy decision on purchase of items.
Patient data is kept highly secured with three level security, which is considered as the most pivotal thing needed for any hospital management.